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Saturday, 11th July 2015

Desy Sulistiyorini


Desy Sulistiyorini (Desy)

  • S-1 Kesehatan Masyarakat, Universitas Indonesia (2010-2014)
  • S-2 Environmental Sanitation, Ghent University (2015-2017)
  • Awardee of Belgium Federal Government Scholarship (VLIR-UOS Scholarship)
  • Email: desy.sulistiyorini@yahoo.com
  • Phone: +62(0)85646293662 or +62(0)81294366901
  • Blog: http://akaruihikari.wordpress.com

Why Study Abroad?

  • Example of reasons why people study abroad:

–Looking for high quality in education and research

–Broadening networking with people from different countries and backgrounds

–Getting new insights & experiences

–Feeling the adventure

–Many more…

Choosing Scholarships (1)


  • Scholarship by Belgium Federal Government
  • Available for: Masters, PhD, and training
  • Coverage: monthly allowance 860 EUR, monthly accommodation allowance 375 EUR, tuition fee waiver, airplane tickets from and to home country and a summer ticket, visa application fee, mailing allowance, indirect travel cost, didactic allowance, installation allowance, etc.
  • Fresh graduates are welcome to apply
  • Available only for certain subjects or field of study
  • Find out more at www.vliruos.be


  • to applicants from 54 eligible countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America
  • to attend one of the selected trainings (7) or Master programs (15)
  • taught in English
  • at a Belgian Flemish university or university college
  • covering all related expenses
  • A call for scholarship applications is launched every year in October.
  • The deadline depends on the training or Master program you are applying for
  • Apply directly to the program in the campus website and choose the VLIR-UOS Scholarship Scheme


  • Scholarship of Indonesian Government Endowment Fund by Ministry of Finance
  • Available for: Masters, PhD, and Thesis and Dissertation
  • Coverage: monthly allowance, tuition fee, airplane tickets, visa application fee, settlement allowance, books allowance, thesis & dissertation allowance, health insurance etc. The amount of allowance depends on the city.
  • Fresh graduates are welcome to apply
  • Find out more at www.lpdp.depkeu.go.id

LPDP SCHOLARSHIP: Beasiswa Pendidikan

Indonesia (BPI) Program Magister dan Doktoral.

  • Selection process:

–Online application

–Administration selection

–Interview selection, Leaderless Group Discussion, and On the Spot Essay Writing

–Announcement of scholarship awardees

  • Requirements:

–General requirements

–Specific requirements


  • Scholarship by European Union (EU)
  • Available for: Masters, PhD, and Exchange Students and Staffs
  • Study at 2 or more universities
  • Coverage may vary depending on the program

–For example, IMFSE (International Master of Fire Safety Engineering) 10000 EUR/year (2015)

–IMFSE is joint program of The University of Edinburgh (UK), Lund University (Sweden), and Ghent University (Belgium).

  • Fresh graduates are welcome to apply
  • Find out more by searching at Google “Erasmus Mundus Master Course Scholarships”


  • List program

–Erasmus Mundus Action 1: Joint programmes including scholarships

  • Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree (EMJMD)
  • Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctorate (EMJD)
  • All students and doctoral candidates from all over the world can apply.

–Erasmus Mundus Action 2: Partnerships with Third Country higher education

  • Students and academic staffs via partnership with the campus

–Erasmus Mundus Action 3: Promotion of European Higher Education

Choosing Scholarships (4)

    • Available only for certain program and universities in Belgium
    • Apply to the campus and scholarship at the same time
    • Study in 1 or more campus (s) in Belgium
  • LPDP
    • Available for top 200 universities in many countries worldwide
    • Apply to the campus separately
    • Study in 1 or more (if you apply joint degree) campus (s) worldwide
  • Erasmus Mundus
    • Available for certain program and universities in Europe
    • Apply to the campus and scholarship at the same time
    • Study in 2 or more campuses in Europe

Campus Selection (1)

  • Skip this step if you are applying VLIR-UOS or Erasmus Mundus. You are not able to choose other campus (s) other than those in the list of the program.
  • Example for IMFSE (International Master of Fire Safety Engineering). For more information: www.imfse.ugent.be


Campus Selection (2)

  • Some consideration to choose your campus:

–The rank of university in general. Check it out at the Times Higher Education or QS University World Ranking.

–The rank of the university based on specific subject or criteria. For example: medicine & health, engineering, law, etc.

–Preference on certain country or city.

–Availability of scholarship coverage.

–Recommendation from alumni, friends, lecturer, supervisor, etc.


Start Your Move!
Step by Step (1)

  • Contemplation
    • Define your ultimate goal of study abroad.
    • Is it the best choice for me to study abroad after graduation?
    • Is it worth spending several years abroad to study rather than working or build a business?
    • Planning (make plan A, B, C, …). Do not be focused only on one plan. It is better to have back up plan.
  • Preparation
    • Obtain permission from family to study abroad
    • Study the foreign language and take the test (TOEFL, IELTS, JLPT, GRE, etc)
    • Prepare documents (recommendation letters, transcripts, graduate certificate, motivation letter, CV, passport, and other supporting documents).
  • Action
    • Searching the subject and campus you wish to attend. For the UK you can go to http://prospects.ac.uk or Belgium to www.studyinbelgium.be/en/
    • Fill in the application form and upload the required documents
    • Send the hardcopy of documents to the campus via post (if applicable)

Tips & Tricks (1)

  • Prepare your documents all in English Translation (graduate certificate, transcripts, recommendation letter, and motivation letter).
  • Make sure your documents available in English. For your graduate certificates and transcripts, if they are not issued in English, please ask the faculty to translate it. If your campus do not provide this service, please go to the sworn translator (penerjemah tersumpah).
  • Scan your documents (graduate certificate, transcripts, IELTS/TOEFL certificate, passport, recommendation letter, etc) so they are ready to be uploaded. If possible save it in the lowest size (no more than 1 or 2 MB).

Tips & Tricks (2)

  • Having “partner in crimes” that has the same goal to pursue the scholarships and study abroad.

–They will remind & motivate you of you journey in finding scholarship.

–You can share and receive update information about scholarship

–Your best companion to study, take IELTS together, deal with administration matters (legalization of documents, obtaining recommendation letters, etc)


Tips & Tricks (3)

  • Prepare your documents and apply as early as possible. Do not waiting until the deadline comes.
  • Prepare your CV or resume in English. Make it simple. Give details only on something related to your application (e.g. working experience, publication, voluntary activity, achievements, etc)
  • Ask the person who know you well and close to you to write recommendation letter (lecturer, academic/thesis supervisor, or employer) or ask prominent person around you (public figure).

Tips & Trick (4)

  • Write a convincing motivation letter or personal statement.

–Describe your motivation. Why you interested in applying that program?

–What’s your purpose after completing your study?

–You can look some samples on the internet, but you shall not do the copy-paste. Write it spontaneously and purely from your heart. J

  • Saving money J. You will need it to take IELTS. TOEFL, or GRE test (according to the country you wish to come). You will be needing extra money for medical check-up and legalization of your documents.


Tips and Tricks (5)

  • Finally, if you have determined to study abroad:

–keep it in your mind,

–try your best, never lose hope

–and give the rest to The Almighty God. He has the best choice for you J.

  • Do not forget to pray hard as you try hard. Believe that miracle does happen.


Study in Belgium

  • Kingdom of Belgium consists of 3 regions:

–Flanders (Flemish) region (Dutch-speaking community): http://studyinflanders.be; www.vliruos.be

–Walloon region (French-speaking community): http://studyinbelgium.be/en/

–The Brussels capital region (bilingual community)

Flanders (Flemish) region

http://studyinflanders.be; www.vliruos.be

  • University
  • KU Leuven
  • University of Antwerp
  • Ghent University
  • Hasselt University
  • Vrije Universiteit Brussel
  • University College: (professionally oriented)
  • University College Ghent
  • Leuven University College
  • Artesis Plantijn University College
  • Karel de Grote-Hogeschool
  • And many more…

Walloon region


  • University
  • The Catholic University of Louvain (UCL)
  • The University of Saint-Louis in Brussels (USL-B)
  • The University of Namur (UNamur)
  • The Free University of Brussels (ULB)
  • The University of Mons (UMons)
  • The University of Liege
  • University College
  • Haute Ecole de la Province de Liège
  • Haute Ecole Léonard de Vinci
  • Etc…
  • Arts College



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